Monday, April 01, 2013

Poetry Month 2013 - Day One

Poetry Month 2013: Accepting the Challenge
                                         -  for Ann Teplick

Challenge yourself to write a short poem,
writes my friend Ann to our Wordsmith Group
But April and Poetry Month notwithstanding,
I say dear Ann, I’ve no time for fun.

Says Ann to our 6 woman writing group
I need to know others are with me.
But Ann, I answer, I haven’t the time.
Esther, we’re wordsmiths for better or worse

I need to know others are with me.
But Ann, my book’s not finished, I’ve no time for fun.
Wordsmithing comes in many forms, Esther
Writing in poem will get your editing done.

Ok, so my book’s not finished and I’ve no time for fun
but friendship is sacred. Dear Ann, you’ve won.
Yes, writing in poem will get my editing done
So I accept your challenge, Ann, to write a short poem -- at least this one.
 - Esther Altshul Helfgott

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