Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 Nov 1, 2020

"Heschel, King, Abernathy” acrylic and newspaper on 6”x 8” canvas, Covid-19 Art Project.

I’ve had this pic on my bulletin board for years. Now it’s on a canvas and part of my Covid-19 Art Project, which I’ll make a blog for at some point. I know these sages are praying for Joe Biden and peace.

 “Lenny,” #24 in my Covid-19 Collage Art Series. Acrylic, photos, Mother’s dressmaking scraps and string on 8x10 canvas. Nov. 2019. Assemblage Collage Artists

 “Loreen Lee and the Lava Never Sleeps,” Women and Their Books Series #1 - Acrylic, newsprint, and photos on 4x4 canvas. I like the idea of doing this series, with all the potential it provides. I'll do Jackie's books and mine. That will take me plenty of time. I like the idea of keeping this subject matter separate from the Covid-19 series, even though I'm creating the pieces during that time. I want a different halo for this topic, and I like starting the series with Loreen's work because the book already seems to have a halo around it.

“Ian and Zalia at Isa’s Wedding, 2000"

“Ian and Zalia at Isa’s Wedding, 2000” #23 in my Covid 19 Collage-Art series. Acrylic, photo, and bottle-cap inserts on 6x8 canvas. Nov. 3, 2020 Assemblage Collage Artists