Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Meeting a blog-reader in a California book store

I don’t study site stats. I write because I need to and try not to let numbers interfere with my work. Whatever I’m doing, whether earning a BA, MA, or Ph.D. while raising my children, whether I’m working at Sears or a social service agency, or teaching, or being Grandma, I write because my mind goes to the page. It lands there — in someone else’s words or in my own. I don’t know who reads my writing.

So I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when I met a woman who actually reads my blog. Both her parents have Alzheimer’s. She found my site a couple years ago while looking for on-line resources. We became face book friends and discovered that she lives in the same town as my son; and, eerier still, she and Ian had worked together in a teachers’ summer writing institute. read more


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