Sunday, November 21, 2010

Witnessing Alzheimer's update

Small steps
It's five months since Abe died and little by little I'm finding a new routine. It's not easy, and my steps are small. I think of the nursing-home vigil pretty much every day; and at times it seems my body longs to go back to that scenario, to mingle with patients and staff in the dining room and wander the halls waiting for this social worker or that. I went back a couple of times and will go again this holiday season; but, for the most part, I'm scared of the place. Scared I'll end up there myself. I wonder how many caregivers of Alzheimer's patients come away from the caregiving experience feeling the same. read more


Joh Food Travel said...

I was a caregiver for a few months last year to a lovely lady, Virginia, who had Alzheimer's. I will never forget her. I didn't know her before I began working with her, but I had this sense that she was not at all herself and yet totally herself at the same time. Anyway, I have thought very often about what might happen to me someday if I get Alzheimer's. It's reinforced the importance of building a family. I appreciate your thoughts.. Thanks for posting.

Esther said...


I appreciate your feedback. It's important for us to hear other people's stories. I worry that the only way we'll get care is if we're part of the business of Alzheimer's and the drug companies. You're so very right about building family.

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