Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Trigger Poem, Waldman, Fast Speaking Woman, Women's Writing Groups, Cancer Lifeline, Week of Nov. 28th

from Fast Speaking Woman by Anne Waldman

because i don't have to spit
because I don't have rubbish
because i don't have dust
because i don't have that which is in air
because I am air
let me try you with my magic power:

I'm a shouting woman
I'm a speech woman
I'm an atmosphere woman
I'm an airtight woman
I'm a flesh woman
I'm a flexible woman
I'm a high-heeled woman
I'm a high-style woman
I'm an automobile woman
I'm a mobile woman
I'm an elastic woman
I'm a necklace woman
I'm a silk-scarf woman
I'm a know-nothing woman
I'm a know-it-all woman
I'm a day woman
I'm a doll woman

from Fast Speaking Woman by Anne Waldman, City Lights Books, 1999


Anonymous said...

love the way she bangs out rhythm and repetition. She always gets me going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther,

Here is my poem from last week's class -- a response to Fast Speaking woman:

Air Signs

She is not Aquarius
Libra maybe
Gemini for sure -
at least rising.

How she's coming at us
is maybe blow-and-show,
A billboard snaking across
the sidewalk
blinging like a walk-light,
Sliding into car seat,
thigh in high relief.

What are you shouting about, Baby Girl?
World cheat you somewhere?
Maybe years ago?
What's empty that your "magic power" needs to fill
that hole for you?

I know you.
Sometimes I was you --
with my really good hair,
and driving a Porche.
Yeah, I was quite a doll!

Cynthia Stimpson
December, 2005

Anonymous said...

To Esther. My muse and inspiration. Here are my thoughts on the trigger poem....Fast Speaking Woman by Anne Waldman, City Lights Books, 1999.

A Woman Living Through Breast Cancer

I often wonder
Where I have been yesterday
And where I will be tomorrow…
Today is a mere future memory
Gathering love
Gathering wisdom
Gathering moss below my feet –
Longing to be the woman I am yet To be…

But am I a woman?

Breast cancer took my breasts Away –
The milk of human kindness
That was never given the chance
For a baby to be nurtured as I was.
Loss of my womb…because of uterine Cancer.
Now, loss of my ovaries…
To prevent the continuous assaults of strings
And leaves of my heart that bear Loss and grief.

Am I a woman?
Who comes from compassion and deep Sorrow
That has brought me to a life of Barrenness and Despair…
To look to my words and love as my Children.

Holding onto my North Star,
Who departed and left me to tell a Story.

I am a woman.
Of dreams, hopes, joy, sorrow,
A rugged individualist who turned The pain and anger
of my life into learning that...

Breasts, wombs and ovaries don’t Make me a woman.

by Jannat Bey

RoxAnne said...

Lady, you are so much more woman than a lot of others out there who haven't lost what you have. I am proud to be able to include you as my friend. You are AWESOME!!